State Government

Our plea to the Governor and Utah legislature

  • We encourage you to create a program to remove or retrofit the worst 10% of all URMs in Utah’s earthquake belt within five years; and to make Utah “URM-free by ’33”.
  • We ask for a program in which a tax incentive or a small percentage of a building loan would be paid by the state once a high-risk, high-occupancy URM has been retrofitted or replaced.  We believe the greatest good for the smallest cost is a program to encourage replacing or retrofitting the worst 10% of high-occupancy URMs—mostly older apartment buildings.  We are not asking for a free lunch, just a small incentive to help owners get off the fence and get the job completed.
  • We encourage and support all efforts to retrofit all URM school buildings in Utah’s earthquake belt.
  • We request passage of a law requiring a signed real estate disclosure statement that informs buyers and sellers about the risks of URMs in all real estate transactions.
  • We request passage of a law requiring a signed rental disclosure statement that informs renters about the risks of URMs in all rental agreements.
  • We request passage of a state-wide geologic hazard ordinance; this would avoid having a different ordinance in every community and some communities with no ordinance at all.
  • We request funding to install an earthquake warning system that can provide a few seconds warning of approaching earthquake waves—this is technology that exists today. In most parts of Utah, because the faults are close to the population centers, the warnings will typically only be a few seconds—but this is enough time for someone to dive under a solid structure or into a reinforced room, for trains to come to a stop, for surgeons to clamp blood vessels and cover an open incision, etc.
  • We encourage continued and elevated support of research on Utah’s geologic faults, earthquake risk, and on earthquake-resistant building and infrastructure design, to reduce the impact of our next killer earthquake.
  • We encourage accelerated preparation for the next earthquake, including implementing “resiliency” plans to help Utah recover after the earthquake.
  • Please take this issue seriously!  Remember—we are talking about the lives of thousands of voters here!!!

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