What about schools?

  • We are very concerned about all URMs in Utah—schools, businesses, apartments, and houses.
  • We encourage all concerned citizens to work with their local school board and parent/teacher organization to have all schools in their community evaluated for seismic safety, and to develop plans to retrofit or replace schools that do not meet modern seismic building codes.
  • In this website we focus on unreinforced brick houses and apartments because that is where people spend most of their time, and many people are unaware that disaster models indicate that unreinforced houses and apartments are where the greatest loss of life and number of life-threatening injuries are likely to occur.

But, yes, we are very concerned about schools.   We hope that increasing people’s concern about their homes will also draw attention to the problems with our schools—hopefully, people will realize that we need to take this problem seriously and retrofit or replace all URMs.

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