Earthquake Insurance

We are not experts in insurance plans and policies, and we do not make any claims about what is covered or not covered by any insurance policy.  We encourage you to discuss earth movements with your agent and to get clear written statements about your coverage.

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Does your building insurance policy cover earthquake damage, as well as landslides, shrinking or expansive soils, and other types of earth-movement-related damage?
    • Many people are unaware that damage caused by an earthquake, landslide, or other earth movement is generally not covered in most insurance policies.
    • Most earthquake insurance is in the form of supplemental riders or “add-ons” that cost extra. Unless you specifically purchase a separate policy or rider your home is probably not covered.
  • Earthquake riders often do not cover brick veneers and other masonry; be sure your policy is clear on this matter.
  • Earthquake insurance riders may not cover injury to people or damage to nearby objects (such as automobiles) from falling bricks or other shaking dangers.
  • We do not make a specific recommendation about earthquake insurance, but we do not want you to have an unpleasant “surprise” after an earthquake—learn what your policy does and does not cover.

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